Your Medicare Checklist

Enrolling in Medicare coverage shouldn't be a daunting task. Your Medicare Checklist is a simple way to know what to expect, from important dates to the Medicare plan basics you need to know.

Keep your Medicare Checklist handy as a guide for how to prepare and stay on track when enrolling for Original Medicare and your other options. You can bookmark or print this page to refer back to it later.

6 Months
Before You Turn 65:
  • Learn about Original Medicare (Parts A and B).
    - What does it cover?
  • Discover additional options (Parts C, D and Medicare Supplement).
    - Can help pay for costs not covered by Medicare.
  • Contact Social Security to confirm your Medicare eligibility.
    - Call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 or TTY 1-800-325-0778.
  • Determine if you'll need to sign up for Medicare or if you'll be automatically enrolled.
4 Months
Before You Turn 65:
  • If you'll still be working, determine your current insurance situation:
    - How will your insurance work with Medicare?
    - Should you delay signing up for Medicare Part B?
  • Decide which path you'll take to get your health coverage:
    -Original Medicare / Medicare Supplement / Prescription
    Drug plan

    -Medicare Advantage / Prescription Drug plan (if your Medicare Advantage plan doesn't cover your prescription(s))
  • If you'll be enrolling in Medicare Supplement, find out whether your current doctors take Medicare.
  • If you'll be enrolling in Medicare Advantage, check if your current medical provider is in your plan's network.
  • If you'll be enrolling in a Prescription Drug plan, check if your pharmacy is in your plan's network, and whether your plan will cover your prescription drugs.
3 Months
Before You Turn 65:
  • Enroll for Original Medicare (Parts A and B) to have coverage as soon as you turn 65.
This is assuming you have enrolled three months prior, as coverage starts the first month you turn 65.


After You've Enrolled in Original Medicare

Enroll for the option(s) you've selected to help pay for uncovered costs (either Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement, and a Medicare approved Prescription Drug plan).